“Get in touch with your feelings”—what does this mean? How can you not know what you are feeling? It is quite simple … those feelings that are at the so-called “negative” end of the spectrum are of such a low vibration that you will do whatever it takes to cover them with higher vibrations. You know the tricks. But remember … all is energy. Energy cannot be destroyed, merely transformed. So you do not destroy your pain by covering it up; you merely cover it up, allowing it to fester and cause dis-ease, aches, and yet more pain.

How, then, do you transform these lower vibrations? By exposing them to light. Bring them forth … wallow in them for a while and truly feel what they feel like. Talk about them with those who can empathize, then give validity in the form of love to these feelings. Now that you have validated them, you no longer need hold onto them. Now wallow in the higher vibrations of love for your full self—full of the full range of all vibrations, but in need of only being and expressing love.