That voice you hear in your head is your own, but it is also the Voice of God. Have we not told you countless times that there is only One Mind? You seem surprised when after much effort in the form of prayer and meditation and asking for guidance suddenly a voice which seems far wiser than your own begins to speak to you–yet this voice sounds just as your own thoughts do. The Voice is gentle and loving, and oh so very wise that it surprises you.

And now we ask you, why are you surprised? Have you not been asking for enlightenment? You are having a conversation with God. You are hearing from your True Self. Why is this so hard to believe? All there is is Consciousness. All is One. Sit in the silence. Ask to feel the Oneness. Attune to Higher Consciousness. Along the way you will meet guides and angels who speak in funny accents,but keep going as high as you can go. What is the highest aspect of yourself? Who are you? You are the Most Worthy. You are here to know your Self. Welcome to your awakening.