Note from Suzanne: I just finished reading a wonderful book called, “My Stroke of Insight” by Jill Bolte Taylor. When the left hemisphere of her brain was severely damaged by stroke, Dr. Taylor, a neurologist, experienced a different reality through her right hemisphere. She experienced herself as “fluid”. She experienced joy, bliss, and “oneness.” The book left me with big questions, such as, “is she saying that these experiences are merely the by-product of the right brain?” I know from connecting with the spirit world in hundreds of evidential readings as a medium that there is far more to reality than this physical experience. This morning in meditation, I asked Sanaya for clarification. Here is the answer I received:

You are far more than your brain. Yes, the brain is a tool. Yes, the two sides do give you different perceptions of reality, but you can perceive reality without a brain, which is what those who no longer are connected with a physical body do. Your scientists do believe the brain is the only perception mechanism, and this is not so. From whence comes the brain? All arises from Spirit. All matter is a product of consciousness, not the other way around. Make this distinction clear, and you understand the One True Reality. All arises from Consciousness and all is Consciousness.

The brain provides two mechanisms for perceiving reality. Perceive with the left hemisphere and see things logically. Perceive with e right brain and have so-called spiritual experiences such as bliss, but the latter is yours with or without a brain, for you are a spirit-being first and foremost, and bliss is your true nature.

Both sides of your brain work together to allow you to operate fully in the physical world. The left allows you to focus on your human side. the right exists to remind you that there is more to reality than pure logic. Set logic aside. Set the ego aside, and experience the peace and joy that are eternally yours, with or without a brain, and when you wonder, “Is there really a God behind all of this?” We remind you to re-read that which we did share with you when last you asked this question … that which you did label “First Cause.” Think on that for a while.

And here is the previous “Sanaya Says” entry entitled, “First Cause:”

To the scientist who believes not in God, we ask him to study his finger. What is it that makes it move and obey his every command? “The brain,” he replies, and this is understandable, for when the brain no longer functions, the finger no longer functions as well. But what gave rise to the brain in the first place? The brain took form, yes, from the union of egg and sperm. But take that answer as far back as you can go and ask the same question. What gave rise to the first seeds of all that exist? And what keeps all living things living? Why is there life at all? Why is there love?

Deep questions, for sure, and for sure there will always be scientists who can explain away all with reasoned answers. But explain, then, the emptiness experienced inside at the thought of a world created without a loving Creator. Explain away the coldness of a world created not from Love. For this there can be no scientific explanation. For those who have found God within their very hearts and continue to find God by expressing “godliness” through the heart, there is no need for explanations. Experience speaks far more rationally than words or reason.

You may never fully understand the First Cause, but you may come to know it in your heart, and thus banish the coldness and the longing. It is impossible to understand that which is infinite, but fully possible to experience it. Once experienced, there is no need for words.