Just when you think you’re alone
You come to hear a subtle tone.
Some would know it as the sound of Om.

What is this wondrous low vibration
That fills you with a buzzing sensation?
Could it be the source of gestation?

All arises from one pure state.
There is no need nine months to wait
For this state of being to gestate.

Moment by moment you do arise.
Thus it may come as a bit of surprise
To find that the brain is not the main prize.

Instead, as you go within you do find
That the most fundamental of all is the mind
That from pure matter cannot be divined.

Only in silence when the drama subsides
Do you find the place where Spirit resides
This is the state where Joy happily hides.

She awaits your arrival.
You need not fear your survival
When this state of peace enjoys her revival.

Come with us now to achieve your goal
Of finally knowing you are always whole,
for nothing can divide the light of the soul.

You are so very loved.