Spare nothing when you give of yourself. Stinginess brings you nothing but emptiness. If you wish to experience the fullness of love, open your heart and give. Give of your heart with your voice, with your hands, with your time, and with your money. All of these were given to you not to hoard, but to hand over. Why? Because in giving you connect with another soul and say, “What I have is yours. There is no difference nor distance between us. I recognize your value and wish you to recognize it as well.”

Be a giving machine. Is not the body a most perfect machine? Yes, of course, it has breakdowns from time to time, but at its essence it is perfection—the perfect machine with which you can express the essence of the spirit which enlivens that machine. How better to express that essence than in giving to others what you truly are. The need to hold back merely serves as an indicator that you have not yet fully learned this Truth. Give yourself the gift of awakening.