The whole world revolves around one Truth … there is only one Mind running the show. Whose dream is it, anyway?

Is your life your own? You take far too much credit for your thoughts. You are part of a team of minds, all learning from each other … some far more experienced than you. What is a team, but a group of individuals that works as one, all with the same purpose. You may feel as an individual player, but it is the team that matters most. What affects one, affects all. Renegades are detrimental to the group effort. Cohesiveness is the goal.

What is the purpose of your team? To spread love and light to the world. Do not go running off by yourself, but listen to the guidance of the Coach. At your level there are most certainly winners and losers. In the end, when all teams merge and competitions ceases, then all will be winners. In the meantime, get with the Team.