Do not rehash old memories. You hold onto them as if lifelines. Do you not realize that thoughts create emotions, and emotions create chemical changes within the body? The more you focus on a negative memory, the more of these chemicals course through your blood, to the point where the body craves this feeling which you have created. This creates a harmful cycle which perpetuates imbalance and disharmony, leading to dis-ease.

When the habitual images and thoughts of a traumatic event come to mind, be aware of them. At that instant it is most important to realize that staying with this image and wallowing in the subsequent emotional-chemical reaction is a choice. The better choice is to gently nudge it outward, not downward. Send it toward the light and fill the remaining space with light. Flood your mind with love, and choose an alternate loving memory to take its place. Soon the body will no longer need this “fix” from the traumatic event and will ask instead for a love-fix. You control both. It is always a choice at the conscious level what you do with that which bubbles up from the subconscious level. Be addicted to love.