Sitting in the silence is not simply to enjoy a lack of noise. It is a time of communion with your Self. Understand well that your Self consists of the entire spectrum of Consciousness—the intricately linked minds of you, your guides, the great masters, and the Master of All That Is. You sit in the silence to know your connection with the All—to know yourself as pure consciousness and Love. If you merely sit in a chair to be quiet, then you will find rest, but this is stopping short of the true gift of meditation.

Whilst sitting in your chair, first give thanks and know that your gratitude is well received. By whom? By all those who are there helping you through each moment. And now that you have consciously made this connection and are no longer under the false illusion that you are sitting in a chair alone, ask a question. It matters not the subject. It matters not whether big or little, heavy or trivial, spiritual or mundane … Ask a question knowing that it is being heard by Higher Intelligence, then let go the need to hear an answer. Ask a question every time you sit in meditation. Soon you will see that your questions are being answered as the answers come in what to you are miraculous ways, but are, in fact, merely indicators that lo and behold—you never were sitting in that chair alone.

Make this question-asking your daily habit and enter into a companionship with Spirit that is guaranteed to transform your life. Such an adventure that awaits you, Beloved, when you trust.