Hurricanes … storms of great strength and fury which wreak havoc on the physical world … yet do you not name an alcoholic drink after the hurricane as well?  This is a bit of a joke in your world, to name a thing after another—for can the drink not be just as destructive as the storm, in its own way?
What is a name?  It is but a symbol you give to a thing, and quite often to something that is not even real, such as “the devil”—not real, but a concept.  A mere word or name can wreak havoc and bring real fear, whether it is real or not.  The hurricane is a very real force which does wreak havoc, oft times with the mere mention of the word.  And so, be impeccable with your word.  Be alert to the words you use, as well as the words used against you.  They are all naught but symbols until you give them meaning.
You create storms in your mind with thoughts that become words.  Take control of your thoughts and choose your words carefully.  Choose your reactions with equal care.  All of this requires attention and awareness, lest you be tossed about unnecessarily by the storm.  “Beware” means nothing more than “be aware.”  You create your own reality.  Be aware of that.