What happens when you have a lack of trust?  You do close yourself off from another.  You shut down your radiations of love and loving thoughts.  Know it or not, the other does sense this at the level of spirit.  On a human level, this distrust is sensed through the intuition, and the other behaves in just the way you feared.  Understand that if you open yourself and radiate waves of loving trust to the one you—in your ego mind—do not trust, you can turn the situation on its ear, as you say.
Try it today…  Give one your full confidence.  Allow them liberties you would not have henceforth given (within reason, of course, for you would not send a child into a busy street).  Know that the recipient of your trust will feel this and respond positively.  It is positively the Law of Attraction in action.  You get what you expect.  So, trust us.  We expect nothing less from you.