What happens when you get in a rut?  You try to dig yourself out.  You spin your wheels, getting no traction, and you just dig in deeper.  You get discouraged and give up, and there you do remain, falling deeper and deeper into despair.  You need a lift out.  How to find it?  By doing something new.  Change your habits.  Change your outlook.  Change your focus.  All of life is about change.  The rut comes in the first place when you do stay in the same place by habit instead of seeking change deliberately.
 Are your prayers always the same?  Your goals and aspirations?  Where is your focus?  Is it always on yourself or the same few people?  Try a change in any aspect of your life.  By moving your wheels in a different direction from time to time you do not allow a rut to form.  By taking on a new focus—most especially one outside your current deep rut and outside of yourself—you do raise your spirits, allowing you to depart the rut on your own.  Never forget:  you are the master of your own destiny.