Do you feel trapped in your circumstances?  You can always run away.  “Oh, I could not do that!” you say, for you are aware of circumstances.  This shows you have a heart.  You do not wish to hurt others by taking selfish action.  You also fear change.  These thoughts and emotions hold you in place to continue the situation.  But, Beloved, it is your thoughts and emotions which do also set you free.
Have you become trapped in your mind … a prisoner of your thoughts?  How else might you view your current situation?  Might outsiders view it differently?  Might outsiders view you differently?  Might Spirit view all differently—in a more positive light? 
Step outside of yourself.  Step outside of your situation, and from this higher perspective, what can you see?  What can you learn?  What opportunities lie here besides running away or letting your thoughts run away and make you miserable?  From this higher perspective, create a new outlook.  Devise some changes.  See your situation not as a trap or a prison, but as an opportunity.  Now step into the future.  Look back, and see how you have grown.  See how you have been the expression of Love.  And all of this you do with God’s blessing, for you are never alone.