What happens when you awaken from a bad dream? For a while you are off balance, until the perspective from outside the dream shows you that you are fine. What happens when you watch a dramatic film? If you allow yourself to become totally absorbed in the drama, for a while after you leave the theater you are off balance, until you realize you have stepped back to your normal state of awareness. And what happens when what you think is your normal state of awareness becomes a bit too dramatic? If you think there is nowhere to go, in a geographic sense, you are correct. But you have the ability to shift points of view and states of consciousness just as you do from the dream state to the waking state, from the absorbed-in-the-film state to the I-am-no-longer-watching-a-movie state. Consciousness is flexible. There are more than two states of consciousness. Find these. Explore. Peace is a state of Mind of the soul that is independent of the drama.

You are so very loved.