You say, “This life is not all there is,” as you share your truth of an afterlife with others.  And speaking from the limited human point of view you are correct.  But point of view is everything.  From the point of view of Spirit—your true nature—this life IS all there is … It is all eternal life as Spirit in expression.  There is no afterlife … there is everlife.  Life, as you have heard us say, is Love In Full Expression.  You may be a limited form experiencing LIFE as a human for a while, but you can shift your awareness to that of being pure Being.  There are limitless ways in which Source arises as LIFE.  And because from the point of view of You, as the Light Without Boundaries, this life is all there is, from this limitless point of view you know peace.  You know contentment.  You know that all is ultimately in perfect order.  You are so very loved.  If you do not feel or know this now, pray to have your eyes opened through a shift in point of view.