The lesson for today is faith. There is a world of difference between your world and ours—between the physical world in which you now walk and our world or pure spirit. Your scientists may try as they may to prove the existence of a spirit world, but always they will meet with failure, for there exist no instruments in your world, nor yet the technology to measure our frequency.

There are many among you who communicate with our world quite regularly, yet your scientists scoff at this, for they cannot replicate repeatedly the results of these communications. For them, this is the only test of truth.

Your scientists may tell you that the universe was created without a God, and to this we say, ask yourself—who created you? Yes, your parents, through a biological act did create the body which you use to express your Self, but who created that Self? When did it begin and when will it end? We can give you all the answers your scientists deny … that “Who” is the You inside the body who knows the Truth.

Keep the faith.