Your loved ones watch over you. This, many of you suspect, but you look for proof. “How can you prove that which you cannot touch?” This, the skeptics among you ask. But those of you more prone to sensing, those of you who understand the meaning of faith and the joy that comes with trusting your inner guidance, do know the truth—that this is but one reality among many.

When you pass from this lifetime and leave the physical body behind, as some of your dear loved ones have done, you will experience another aspect of reality. You can touch this world now in your mind, for consciousness is the common link between all realities.

How can you prove a dream? You cannot. You can only say to others, “But it seemed so real!” This world seems so real to you now that there you place all faith and trust. Trust us in this: when you pass to the other side and enjoy a most loving reunion with those you so long to see again, then you will laugh and look back upon this life to which you gave so much importance and say, “But it seemed so real!”

It is real to you now, so live this life to its fullest, being the presence of love which you are in every moment. But know that your loved ones watch over you now and await the moment when reality shifts yet again.