Criticism … a deeper, more harmful form of judgment. When you judge, you are, in effect, looking at another and saying, “You and I are separate.” When you judge, you see the differences instead of that which binds you—the Spirit, which is pure love at its essence.

Criticism is far more insidious. In addition to maintaining the illusion of separation, criticism says, “My way is the only way, and I disallow your right to experience and act out Life in your way.” In this way, you cut off your very own flow of Love. You do no harm to the other, save from disallowing them the experience of your love. But trust us in this: every time you restrict your own flow, you fail to grow.

Do not miss an opportunity to be the Loving Presence that you are. Do not miss an opportunity to fulfill your presence in life, which is to BE that loving presence. Suspend judgment, eschew criticism, and simply allow all of Life to unfold.