(In meditation this morning I saw a clear image of a Cinderella-like castle. I asked why I was seeing this image and heard the following …)

You see castles in the sky
Yet know not why.
They are there for the taking
For it is you who are making
These images appear
From far and near …

You are the creator. Never underestimate your ability to create your dreams. So many sit back and wish for things they lack, thinking falsely that these things lie beyond their reach. Yet others seem to always be surrounded by success. Why is this, you ask? If you could examine the thoughts of the two—see into their minds—you would find two very different experiences.

What you feed your mind comes out as physical reality. Feed your mind thoughts of lack and worry, and lack and worry are what you experience. What is it you wish to experience? Wait for no other to bring it to you, for they cannot. You hold the recipe for what food goes into your mind. Your thoughts are the individual ingredients. The great meal upon which you feast is yours and only yours for the making.