We wish to congratulate you on another day of living. Your very presence here, and the fact that you opened your eyes this morning, reveals the desire of your soul to grow. If you had no more lessons to learn here on earth, you would have no reason to repeat yet another day.

Rejoice in the sunrise, for the light reveals all of the beauty which is there for you to appreciate. Do not waste a moment of this day. See and appreciate the beauty around you. Count your many blessings. Be a light unto others, and further your own growth by doing so. It is that simple.

What do we mean by growth? The constant raising of your consciousness, bringing it ever more in alignment with the Divine Mind—that pure, loving, creative Consciousness from which springs your soul. When in alignment, your life flows beautifully. May you welcome the sunrise each morning, then go forth and create the most beautiful expression possible of your Self.