Take a cap off a bottle and hear the hiss of escaping air. What causes this eruption, but a build-up of pressure under the lid. And do you not do the same thing? Do you not at times open your mouth and emit a loud hiss? The hiss at times comes out as venomous words aimed to strike at another. What is this outburst, but a release of pressure which has built up inside of you.

Do you not immediately feel remorse? This is because the hissing and striking out goes against your true nature as a loving expression of the Divine Mind … the God Force. The pressure is the build-up of thoughts which are also not in alignment with your true Self.

You can avoid the outbursts altogether by a constant monitoring of your inner state, which is always caused by your thoughts. Are you beginning to boil inside? Let off the steam through healthy outlets before you burst. Say your prayers. Go for a walk. Visualize a peaceful scene. Ask for help. All of these are ways to return to a state of peaceful equilibrium. Self-monitor the pressure and the outbursts will decrease until peace is your constant companion.