And so it is the day you call Sunday—merely a convenience to mark the passage of moments. One day is no different than another … one moment no different than the next. But this “Sunday” is special to many, for they have chosen this day to rest and to honor that power which created the world. It is a good thing to rest, and it is a good thing to worship, but do not fail to do these things every day of your life—not just when a day on a calendar reads “Sunday.”

Why is rest important? It helps you to stop and not always be doing. It is good to be a spirit-“be”ing and not always a human-“do”ing. And why is worship important? The Great Spirit does not need your adoration. The Great Spirit has no needs at all. But if in worshipping you stop and recognize the infinite power that brings order to chaos and brings love where there is fear, then worship is a worthy effort. Worship not that part of you that is divine, but recognize it and give thanks for the Self-recognition.

From Sunday to Sunday go forth with gratitude and be that loving power. Express your true nature … the only activity from which you need never take rest.