Your Place in the Cosmos Explained  – A Spontaneous Discourse from Sanaya Explaining The Matrix

Received by Suzanne Giesemann at 0730 on February 13, 2020

As described by Suzanne: I entered my meditation room and felt the question in my mind of how to explain to people how any of us can attune to another person like a medium does, whether that person is in physical body or not. I was drawn to stand before a framed poster I have of the artist Alex Grey’s “Universal Mind Lattice.” Looking at the lattice, I received an instantaneous download of information. The answer to my question and much more was contained in that one burst of “knowing.” I sent the thought, “How do I put this into words?” I received back the awareness that if I sat and began writing, it would be spelled out for me word by word. This recording is that transmission that flowed without stop over the next half hour.

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