All are equally loved, for all are offspring of the wellspring of Love.  It matters not how large or small, how famous or ignominious, how successful or ordinary, all are loved in equal measure.  How can you measure the depth of the love that is held for you, the reverence of your very being?  Certainly not in human terms where you experience “less than” and “unworthy.”  What a pity.  Rise above the petty pitying and feel the love that courses through you—not through the human vessel, but the strands of light that enliven you, that give you life, for there is nothing but Life.  Your Source is love.  Call it “a being” and know you are loved.  Call it pure “being” and know you are Love itself as an offspring of this beingness.  Feel these words rather than trying to understand them literally, and you will literally be uplifted to a new level of knowing: you are so very loved.