Greet each day with joy, even when you find it hard to smile. Joy comes from within, not from what is happening around you. If you find yourself out of sorts, you are identifying with the external world. That which you perceive through the bodily senses is impermanent and leads to misperception.

When in need of a lift, when you forget what joy feels like, it is vitally important that you sit quietly, close out the outer world, and ask to experience your True Self. As you become practiced in doing this, it will become impossible not to raise your spirits as you raise your conscious awareness that YOU are spirit, not body.

Nothing outside of you matters. Nothing drags down the spirit. You, as spirit, are pure joy and love. If you speak of feeling low or irritable, sad, or angry, this is not of your spirit, but the body-mind. Again we say, sit and pray, and to you will return that well-spring of joy and peace, bubbling up from within to remind you that only Love is real.