You speak of “borrowed time.” What does this mean? It shows a belief that time is limited … that there is not enough of it to fulfill your desires in your time remaining here on earth. First you must understand that time is a construct of the human mind. Time has beginnings and endings and limitations. You as pure spirit have none of these. You as a human being in a body perceive that you have them all: beginning, end, and limitations. You cling so tightly to these beliefs, and then you fear when these endings and limitations come to pass.

Step back and see the greater picture with the eyes of the soul. This lifetime you are now experiencing is one of a continuous expression of You as Consciousness and Love. It is a great expression of creation … a great adventure. Far more Adventures in Consciousness await you. The only thing you have borrowed is a bit of dust and matter from your Mother Earth. Upon its return to dust, the Real You will continue on living and learning. Have no fear.