There is no such thing as a devil, if by this word you understand an actual entity who stands opposite of God. To understand this, you must first change your concept of God from an actual benevolent being to an intangible, yet fully benevolent and loving, conscious Force which is the source of and governs all that is. If All That Is is loving and benevolent and all-powerful, then how, you may ask, can evil exist?

Evil is the result of the false illusion of the ego of man—that part of the human consciousness that does falsely believe it is separate from God. Off marches the ego, making decisions as an individual out of alignment with Love. The results at times are so far misaligned with Love that you do call this “evil.” Such acts were not perpetrated by an entity with horns and a pitchfork. This image is symbolic. As a metaphor for evil, the devil exists in the ego of each human. It is the choice and the main task of each human being to realize the truth—that separation from God never happened. All else is illusion. When will you stop dreaming?