Deliberate intention produces results far beyond mere meandering of the mind. The human being so often wonders why he or she fails to see in this life that which they desire. Desire is but one part of the crucial equation of creation. Intention is the key. First arises the desire for a particular outcome, then it is up to you to focus your consciousness in such a way that you see no other outcome. This is intention.

Understand that you are but a focus of consciousness of Pure Consciousness. As such, the desire and intention of the Creator will always hold more sway in outcomes over your personal desires. Do not struggle, but pray that your intentions be in alignment with that of your Source. This is when the act of surrendering to the Greater Good becomes an act of great power.

Make it your greatest desire and your greatest intention to serve your fellow human being, and all worldly desires will lose their luster as you come into alignment with your true purpose on earth.