Celery sticks … perhaps you do not like them, for to you they taste bland.  Yet others do enjoy their texture and flavor.  Why do you use celery in your soups and stews, but for flavoring?  A useful dietary tool is this celery, for it is healthy, yet adds few calories to your intake.  Why are the tasty things fattening and the bland celery not so?  Are you not attracted by the very things that you should stay away from?  Life lessons, once again.
Always you have a choice of what to enjoy, but  what is enjoyed is not universal, for all have different lessons to learn.  Some do not enjoy chocolate.  (Can you imagine?)  It is this variety that is the spice of life.  It is for this reason that you add celery to your soup—for variety.  It is for this reason that celery and chocolate and the billions of manifestations of matter occur … for the expression and experience of Spirit … and as an expression of Spirit, yourself, you do always have a choice of what to eat, what to enjoy, what to eschew, and how to react to all things and events. 
How wonderful is this gift of life!  How very varied!  Look around you today and truly appreciate the variety … savor the flavor of Life.