I am the bird that sings
And I am the song
And I will continue to sing
All day and night long

For I am forever
I go not away
Like the sun that does rise
At the dawn of each day

I am not here to worship
I do not want your desire
I wish you only to know
That you can rise so much higher

You and I are the same
It is I who do breathe you
And with this great knowing
Know that I’ll never leave you

So rise from your knees
Pray to me if you must
But it is only the body
That will return to the dust

You are spirit right now
You are me in expression
It is your task in this lifetime
To learn this one lesson …

I am what makes the heart beat
And I am the heartbeat

I am what makes you breathe
And I am the breath

I am what makes the bird sing
And I am the song

I am what awakes you each morning
And I am awakening


I am in all things
And all things are in me

I am in you …
And in the stillness you will know