Note from Suzanne:  For the next few weeks my Internet access may be sporadic.  I will post Sanaya daily, if possible, but it may not always be first thing in the morning.  … and about today’s post:  When I received the message about “pickles” a few days back (June 19th post), my initial thought was, “I can’t post this!”  (The topic didn’t seem “spiritual” enough).  Then, I thought, “Who am I to censor what the spirit world gives me?!”  When I went back and re-read it two days later, I liked it.  This morning I laughed when Sanaya started out talking about applesauce!  My next thought was, “Where is this going?”  I couldn’t see what possible spiritual message was contained in applesauce.  When the words followed, I could only shake my head at their intelligence, and how spirit gets their messages across.  Sending love to all, here is what Sanaya said to us this morning …
Applesauce is the food of the day, in our continuing discussion of goodness.  Why do you take perfectly good apples and turn them into mush?  Because, in crushing them you do release the sweetness.  Some would not partake of this sweetness if the apple remained hard and firm.  And so, you do make it easier to swallow by reducing it to a mushy consistency.  Do you notice the necessary step to making it easier?  Yes, first you had to take something that was hard and break it down. 
Are not your greatest lessons like this?  Do you not feel strong at times—perfectly solid, with your feet on the ground?  And then along comes an event which crushes you and reduces you to mush.  At first you feel as if your life has been destroyed, but after a while—at times a long while—you are able to look back and see how you have grown … how you have changed for the better.  In this growth lies the sweetness of Life, and in this understanding your difficulties are now easier to digest.
You do feed applesauce to your babies, for they cannot yet handle the harder foods.  As you evolve, you are able to handle the challenges better and better, and always, when you can look upon your challenges from the greater perspective, they are easier to digest, and you will find the sweetness.