“There is nothing new under the sun” – yet another of your expressions. Nothing that we say to you here may strike you as new or novel. In fact, much may seem quite repetitious. There is a method in our madness. Through the repetition, the ideas are cemented in your consciousness. For most of your lives you have been feeding your subconscious with beliefs that did not bolster the soul, but the ego, instead. It is time now to feed the soul.

Nothing new here may be said, yet does the soul not hunger for these tidbits, doled out with love and just when you need them most? The words feed the hunger, for the soul knows exactly the nourishment it needs. Just as your body is made of proteins and fats, it needs more of the same to grow. And just as your soul is love and goodness at its essence, it grows through feeding it thoughts of goodness and love—by feeding it the very vibration of love which grows simply by reading these words.

It matters not if the words are new or if they have been heard a thousand times … the vibrations they set in motion in the soul are like chocolate to the taste buds. Feed well on these vibrations. No need for a diet here, beloved. Feast away on the love … the only ingredient of which the soul can never get or give enough.