Homebound … a word you use for those who must remain within the boundaries of a physical dwelling. Some feel trapped in this state, for they cannot exercise their freedom to get out and about and interact with the world. Many are homebound in a different sense and do not realize it. The physical body is your temporary home whilst enjoying this physical existence. Those who see it as the border of their existence often hide inside it as a turtle in a shell. They withdraw into the perceived safety of the body, averting the eyes, clamping shut the mouth, and thus closing the doors to the outside world.

The body is a communication tool. Could you but see that you as a spirit-being are not trapped at all, but are in fact constantly interacting with all that is, you would not be so quick to retreat inside. For your true Self is a loving being, as is that of every other soul on earth. When you use the physical body to separate yourself and close off the conscious interaction, you cheat yourself of the conscious experience of love. At a soul level, one soul greets another and says, “Hail, Brother! I love you. I will see you later, when this deluded being sheds its shell. Until then, be well.”

Allow your spirit to be free now. Do not make it wait to fully express its loving nature. Come out of your shell. Look another in the eye and say aloud, “Hello, my friend. I love you. Thank you for being in my life. How may I help you today?” Be not homebound, but set yourself free with love.