You beat the chest and declare, “Am I not great? Do you see how special I am? Better than the others, and you had better recognize this!” From where does this need to feel special arise? From the illusion of separation. If you were to understand that all beings are expressions of the one Spirit—simply different facets of the same jewel—you would have no need to point out your beauty.

You had the experience of the reuniting of 33 men with their loved ones after a long period of separation. Their return was the result of the combined efforts of many—across borders, across nationalities … all facets of the jewel combining their gifts to help their fellow man. What does it matter from where came the help? Take away the flags. Take away the language barriers, and what are you left with? The raw material of love. Did you not see the common essence of all humanity in this episode?

Beat not the chest and say, “Look at me! I am special! Look at my country … it is the best!” The need to proclaim this arises from fear—fear that you will be perceived as less than you are and therefore will not be loved. Do you see the illusion? Arise from the depths of darkness as these 33 souls did do, and see the light. There is nothing but love, and that love does join you all.