Whether near or far, your loved ones are never any farther than your thoughts. Do you hear the chime of a bell when someone comes to your door? This is like unto what we experience when you think of us in our world of pure energy. You—as a spirit-being in your physical world—have the benefit of a spirit body and a physical body. Those who have crossed to our realm have only the spirit body, but less is far more in this case. Without the impediment of the dense vibrations of physical matter interfering with thought vibrations of the spirit-body, we are free to manifest our thoughts far faster.

If you can train the brain to be quiet now and then, you can access our world with the mind—keeping in mind that the brain and the mind are quite separate. It is in these moments when you step beyond the boundaries of the brain that you experience a bit of what awaits you. For now, rest assured that in the eternal minds of those you love who have made the transition, you remain ever on their mind. They are not near and not far, but wherever you are. Send them loving thoughts and you are speaking their language. Your loving words become an embrace. Your walk down Memory Lane in your mind is a tangible visit from our point of view. You cannot waste a thought, for it is there that your loved ones reside.

That which you call thinking,
Occurs without the brain.
When you die to your world,
Your mind it does remain.

Know this now,
And have no fear.
Those you thought were lost,
Are still quite near.