What is an itch, but an irritation—a knocking at the door of your consciousness that something needs attention. “Scratch me,” it says. “Take care of me now.” It is a physical attention-grabber, but are you not given mental itches throughout your day?

Pay attention to the subtle itches in your mind. What are they saying to you? You will find these gentle nudges are reminders to express your loving nature. “Excuse me,” the itch will say. “but perhaps you could be a bit more understanding of that other’s circumstances …” And when you scratch this gentle itch, do you not see relief for both you and the other?

This inner itch is the voice of your soul, reminding you of what is truly important in life. In what you call the “real world,” you apply creams and ointments to squelch the itch—balms which only treat the effect and not the cause. In your spiritual awareness, remain ever vigilant for that inner itching and respond—not by covering up the itch—but by expressing the source of that itch, which is always love.