Babies cry when they need attention. Some things do not change as you grow older. Do you not cry out for attention, only not necessarily always with tears? So many acts which are contrary to your true nature as the expression of Spirit are merely cries for attention. Substitute the word “love” for “attention.” Is this not what all who act angrily and fearfully and rudely are crying out for?

If you at times are guilty of such transgressions, you need merely look inside and there you will find the source of all you are crying for. The fear, anger, and rudeness mask the love and constrict its flow. Remove these blockages, and you will find that you have no further need to cry. You are now free to dry the tears of others and free them of their constriction.

What goes around does truly come around again and again. Ensure that what goes around is love, and watch it come around to you.