Behold the ever-changing landscape of your life. What you first traversed as mountains, over time and distance flattened into smaller hills with fewer valleys. Soon, as you continue along your path, you will walk quietly through fields of fragrant flowers, traveling with ease. This is the path of life. Rarely is it easy going. Quite often you do stumble, but always do you pick yourself up and continue on. The bruises and the aches do fortify you, for you learn in this way just how strong you really are.

If your path were straight and easy going from the start, you would not grow nearly as strong nor able to recognize your growth as you have from the more challenging road you have chosen. While you may not enjoy your steps as you climb the mountains, rejoice when you reach the summit. Enjoy the glorious view, but while you are there, lean down and give your hand to another who is still climbing.

Do not fear that yet another valley lies ahead. There will always be peaks and valleys whilst you traverse this ever-changing landscape. This is the very nature of your journey. With this awareness, journey on and revel in the change, for what does it mean, but that you are alive!