You say that patience is a virtue. Why is this? Because those who are inpatient do not truly understand the truths of the spirit. Impatience is an attribute of your world only—for only in your world do you experience time and the false illusion that there is not enough time. In our world, time is of no consequence. If you could step outside the bonds of the body and see the perfection—how each piece of the puzzle fits with precision into the next—you would have no need for this word “patience.” You would know that all is in perfect order, and that what you need is coming to you perfectly.

When you find yourself acting impatiently, be grateful for this recognition. It is a reminder that you have forgotten who you are—an eternal spirit-being—and you have forgotten to trust. Remind yourself, “There is always enough time” (for time is an illusion, anyway), and surrender your angst. There, in the absence of rushing and demands which you have placed upon outcomes, you will find the doorway to peace … the doorway to your soul, which is infinite and infinitely patient with you.