Watch the weather patterns. See how they change and how unpredictable they are when you look any farther forward than a few days of your time. Yet, in the unpredictability, do you not also see predictable patterns? Your weather repeats itself in predictable cycles … reliable patterns which allow you to plan and give you a bit of a sense of security. You are frightened by howling winds, black skies, and raging waters, but are these not always followed by a gentle calm and the emergence of the sun?

All of Life exhibits order such as you see in your weather. All of Life is a series of predictable cycles. Could this be an accident? Of course not. There is a Divine Intelligence bringing order to all Life. You are part of that Intelligence.

When your life seems chaotic and out of control … when storms rage inside you … know that amidst the chaos there is order. Were this not so, all would disintegrate completely. When darkness befalls you, know that it and you are an integral part of Life and that the sun will truly rise again.