Two cars, a house, and a cat—
Can you imagine a life like that?
It seems to be the American dream
But are those inside as content as they seem?

Be wary of placing great value on things.
Know, instead, that which happiness brings.
It’s the spirit inside that is with you right now—
Waiting to make a grand entrance with a theatrical bow.

“It is I who your attention does seek.
Here all along, if you only would peek.
I require no money, no lavish attention.
Just your desire to know me, may it be your intention.”

Knowing this you can find what you seek in your heart—
That feeling that money will never impart.
It’s the secret of life, yet just waiting for all.
The gifts of the spirit await those who do call.

Set aside all your treasures and then you will see
That even with nothing, quite rich can you be.
For love is the thing that lies at your core.
It is there awaiting, when you knock at its door.