Money flows as does your breath—ever in and out. When you hold your breath, soon you gasp and need to take in more. When you hold onto your money, afraid to spend it, you are expressing fear. Money is energy, as is all else in your world. Allow it to flow in and out of your life freely—without constriction—and you will never be without.

Abundance is the natural state of life. There is enough of all that you need. It is only your false beliefs which you have accepted as truths concerning the availability of money which cause fear to arise. Release the fear and see the money flowing in and out freely. Spend it with happiness, knowing that all you need is always provided, and so it shall be. Examine your thoughts and fears. At the same time, bring to the surface the truths you have learned about spirit and energy, and about your ability to create your desires with your thoughts.

You are an expression of the Creator. If you wish to have abundance, banish all thought of lack and create the positive flow of abundance. What you see around you is what you have created with your thoughts. Create anew in every moment. You are far richer than you ever imagined.

Note from Suzanne: I find it quite interesting to compare today’s message with yesterday’s poem. Both are about money, but with different ways of looking at it. I see this as showing us that money is not a bad thing — it is simply energy–and evidence of what we can create as co-creators. However, as yesterday’s poem says, we should never lose sight of what is really important and who we really are.