Repetition is a necessary element of learning. Do not your beliefs become cemented in the subconscious mind through repeated exposure? For many years you have told yourself the same falsehoods—that you are a separate individual with no connection to those around you. And so it is that we now repeat to you repeatedly the truths of the spirit.

You are nothing but energy—a vibrating wave of consciousness. If you could see this energy, you would not need the repetitious message. You would realize immediately how very intertwined is your energy with all others. It is impossible to separate that which you call “you” from “them.” What you do and think affects all others. Your thoughts, beliefs, and subsequent actions become part of the Whole.

You complain about the state of the world. You think you cannot make a difference. Hear us as we repeat and repeat this truth: All is One. There is only one Mind and you are a focus of that one Divine Consciousness. To raise the vibration of the whole, begin with yourself. You can and do make a difference. The light of one firefly triggers those around it until the night is bright with light. Shine as brightly as you can at all times and be the spark that ignites those around you.

Note from Suzanne: after receiving this message, I did a search for “firefly behavior.” I was not aware if “the light of one firefly triggers those around it.” Sanaya knows what she’s talking about! The female firefly flashes first, triggering the male(s) to respond. She then chooses the mate with the best flashing pattern! Pretty cool message!