Jesus is the one so many of you worship—and for good reason. He is one who walked upon your earth, cloaked in human vestments, yet one who understood the truth—that man is God with a body. “I and the Father are one,” said the Nazarene. But did he not also say, “These things I do and far greater can you do”? This wise master walked among you to teach the greatest lessons of your life, and still he walks among you.

Use this great master as your model. Can you think of one better? If you were to love all of mankind as you love God, with your heart and soul, judging no one, treating all with equal kindness and compassion, would you then not be as the Father?

Be careful of the metaphors which make the Father into a human image in your mind. Maintain, instead, the quiet knowingness that this loving, ever-present, ever-caring, father-like Force flows within your every cell—aware of you, giving you life. But this Force has no arms, no legs, no eyes, nor ears. For this you are here. Go forth as did Jesus—walking, talking, seeing the world through the eyes of a human, but knowing with no question that you walk as the Father and for the Father, and as such, you cannot fall.