It is in doing nothing
That you accomplish the most,
And not from the achievements
Of which you do boast.

It’s the act of non-doing
That makes activity cease,
And there—in not trying
Do your thoughts you release.

When the mind wants to wander
It’s then you stand still.
You can quiet it not
With the force of your will.

Focus then on the breath—
On the in and out flow…
A movement quite natural,
With no need to blow.

Simply watch as the air
Like the life force does move.
This quite simple action
Your calm does improve.

It is there in the silence—
The gap between breathing
That you find all your thoughts
And your tension are leaving.

For it’s when all the thoughts
That do run through your mind
You do finally quiet
That your soul you can find.

Pause each day and do try
Just a while to time spend
And you’ll find all your problems
Will begin then to mend.

For deep in the soul
Where pure love does reside
Is the Source of Creation—
Right there, deep inside.

When this place you do visit
Then you know in your heart
That you and the Creator
Are never apart.