Note from Suzanne: This morning I posed a question to Sanaya from a friend: “How should we allow what is, without at the same time becoming passive in our lives to events?”

You must first recognize that the act of allowing does not mean that you condone all that you observe. It is the same as the act of forgiveness. It both cases, you need neither condone nor agree. By allowing, you are saying, “I see that this reality is unfolding in this way. This is but another expression of Consciousness.”

Mankind is gifted with free will to express Consciousness. Oft times, this expression results in that which is less than the qualities of goodness and light. All is part of the play of Life. By observing darkness, you can better appreciate the light. You, through your choice, can choose to take action or to remain passive, but by allowing Life to play out, you align yourself more closely with the Observer.

Realize that when more than one follow their individual paths of creation, often these paths will conflict. Allow the other paths to twist and turn as they will. You have the choice whether or not to take on a cause—to get involved in paths outside of your own. Always, when you make such a choice, it should be from the heart, with the intention of furthering love.

To allow does not mean that you must always sit back and take no action. It simply means that you recognize that all is simply the play of Life will all of its dualities. To which end of the spectrum will you lean? Toward the dark or the light? When you do not resist, but allow, you are free to choose.