Never fear that you’re alone.
It matters not how far from home.
Whether you’re around or distant
Of this point we are insistent—

You’re always linked within the mind.
Here the connection you will find.
You only THINK you need the touch,
But this truly matters not so much.

Close your eyes and picture clearly
Those you hold forever dearly.
Can you not create anew
The feelings that they bring to you?

This is the power of the soul
To take two halves and make a whole.
For in the end are ne’er apart
Who once were joined within the heart.

So when you find your steps are weary
And perhaps you’re feeling slightly teary
Go within and seek relief
All it takes is your belief.

Conjure up an image true
And in your mind will come to you
The vision of the one you miss…
Imagine that you send a kiss.

If this you do, then don’t you see
That it’s your thoughts that set you free.
For in an instant you create
The love inside for which you wait.