There is a connection between every living thing. You do not need a heartbeat to feel it. Simply look at the beauty of nature—the intricate design of tiny plants, the marvelous physiology of the animal kingdom, the perfection of the human body … Imagine the brilliance of the Mind that designed all of this. Now ask yourself—could the same Mind that designed a rose, and a lily, and a shimmering lake, and a beautiful baby not be the essence of love, itself?

All that is arises from a field of pure potential. Before anything arises, there is nothing but Loving Intelligence. You are a part of that Loving Intelligence. You have sprung from that Source with that intelligent mind and that loving essence as your inheritance. Use these attributes to appreciate the other offspring of the Source that surround you. Touch a flower today and give thanks. Touch a face today and give thanks. Touch someone’s soul today and give thanks that you are sharing in this great thing you call Life.