Healing can take place merely with thought, for thought is a power unto itself. Your thoughts have energy. If you could but see the vibrations of your thoughts, you would be quite astounded. Those thoughts of a baser level are slow and heavy, but the more loving the thought, the more fine the vibration. Have we not said many times that love is the highest vibration? Imagine, then, the effect of loving thoughts upon the body. Imagine nothing but the most refined vibrations streaming through every cell, creating one fine harmonic vibration. This is homeostasis—the perfection your body seeks.

This is the basis of your so-called spiritual healing. One who fully understands this most basic principle lays the hands upon another in which the cells are not fully in harmony (most often due to disharmony of thought over the long-term … but that is the topic for another day). Through the hands of the healer flows the Life Force … no different than that which animates all bodies, but a strong, harmonized dose of this loving, perfect energy. All life seeks harmony, and so, when this Force is directed through a body in which there is dis-ease, the cells react with joy and rush to harmonize with this infusion of healing energy.

But hear us now: you need not seek a healer to find harmony, for all have within them the power to heal themselves. This power is your very essence. Know this and call unto you the Life Force which animates you, but which has become stagnant or limited through your egoic thoughts. Call unto you a greater flow of this Force and allow it to flush out the dis-ease, bringing with it renewed health and harmony. Once infused, however, back up the healing with thoughts of self-love and love for other, for where there is nothing but love there cannot be dis-ease and pain. Heal thyself with Love … the antidote to all ills.