You exercise the body, but how many of you exercise the mind? Either way, it takes a discipline, and both forms of exercise result in fitness … fitness for life. Exercise of the body results in a vessel well prepared to help you fulfill your purpose in this life … to be the full expression of Spirit … to develop your divinity. Fitness of mind allows a clear and healthy expression of Spirit as well. When the mind is lazy, you fall into the trap of seeing only your material world and thinking that material things are all that matter. But matter matters little. What matters most are the things you cannot touch: kindness, compassion, understanding, and above all … love.

To think only of love and of being loving—and therefore living on purpose—requires discipline so as to avoid the distractions of your material world. Make the decision to exercise each day … not just the body, but foremost the mind … your “exercise machine.” Loving thoughts are your sit-ups. They strengthen the core. Practice them repeatedly until loving thoughts dominate all others. But just as you can never stop exercising the body or risk returning to an unfit state, you cannot grow lazy of mind, lest you be tempted to fall back into old patterns of judgment and criticism and anger, and all the other falsehoods that keep you from being Who You Truly Are.

Exercise your mind, dear ones—not just daily, but in every moment. Strengthen your mind. Develop your spirituality with loving thoughts and life will no longer be a contest or a competition, but a rich experience through which you sail with ease.