Part and parcel of the whole … that is what you are—not a separate being, but an intricate piece of the puzzle, so to speak. What is a puzzle, but one great picture that is incomplete without all the pieces. Each piece by itself holds a part of the story. It brings special gifts to the big picture. Each piece adds flavor and interest. You are a piece in the picture of Life—multifaceted … colorful … intriguing … you add depth and interest to the grand picture. Yet, set yourself apart from the other pieces, and what do you have? A beautiful piece, yes, but a mere fragment of the whole.

It takes all of the pieces fitting together in harmony to bring out the full beauty and the full meaning of the picture. Standing alone, you are incomplete. See how you fit into the big picture—a necessary part, yet not quite so useful when you stand alone. Find out just how you fit in the puzzle by experimenting. There is a perfect spot for you. You were created with your special facets to fit in perfectly in just the right place. It is there waiting for you, yet you need to see the big picture to understand this.

It is by serving the other pieces around you that you fit in the best. Trying to fit in without taking into consideration how you help the other pieces and the picture as a whole does lead to a bad fit. Your place awaits you. When you find it, you will know it as you click into place with precision and see the perfection. For now, recognize your innate beauty. Recognize that you are part and parcel of the whole—never forgotten … always accompanied … and always loved.